Home Watch РA Vital  Service for All Seasonal Residents

The Vacant Home is a Vulnerable home!

Seasonal Residents are starting to see that home watch is an absolute vital service here in Beautiful Southwest Florida. Some insurance companies even require it Before They write the policy. Many insurance companies When the home is left for an extended period of time, the damage claim may be denied if the homeowner did not engage the services of a home watch provider while away.

Each season keys to homes are given to friends or neighbors doing favors, or Hobby Home Watchers who have no qualification to watch over someone’s home other than living in Their own home. What if your Friend or neighbor forgets to check your home and there is a leak?

Who Has Your Keys?




Most homeowners are unaware of what is supposed to be done on a visit; They just assume this home watch provider or person checking Their house knows what They are doing and are in fact doing it.

Did you know it can take as little as 72 hours for mold to begin growing When humidity levels Increase. When your Air Conditioning unit fails humidity levels will rise. Unfortunately in These situations damage or disaster can occur which could have been avoided.

Any sign of mold is a an emergency, even spots that simply look like dust, something an untrained person may not notice or take seriously. Remember what you see is only a small part of it, it’s what you can not see that is really scary, mold can grow quickly and do tens of Thousands in damage.

We at True Home Watch Professionals are:


  • Professionally Trained

  • Properly Insured and Bonded

  • Passed the background check

  • Have the resources to handle any situation

It’s not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN.


Our services are the Difference between Damage and Disaster

We are independently owned and operated. This is our Vocation, NOT a hobby.

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