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Why Choose True Home Watch Professionals?

Home Watch is a vital service for all seasonal residents. This fact is indisputable. As a Professional home watch company, we take the business of watching vacant homes very seriously. It is our profession – not a hobby or favor.

Home watch is not a regulated industry. Anyone can jump onto The Home Watch Bandwagon. Some businesses even add Home Watch to their list of services with good intentions or because it is easy They think. There are Also well-intended Individuals and “Neighbors Doing Favors” who may not know what to look for and are Certainly not insured. There are Also some downright scoundrels who may, personally, use the home or even rent it out for Their own profit.

When you are looking for a professional home watch company, find out what are their qualifications and training? Who is actually making the visit, an employee or the owners of the company itself? Do they have resources to handle the damaging situation? Are they properly insured? Have they passed a background check? What is their “Plan B” if they can not make a visit due to their own emergency?



True Home Watch Professionals uses the Home Watch Management and Reporting software that is GPS enabled; proof that a visit has been made. It is a cloud based system with a detailed checklist customized for each individual home and visit type that can only be completed and submitted on site. Permanent documentation of every visit is just a click away from any computer or mobile device for each of our clients. Pictures and comments can be added to any portion of the checklist, and you as a client are able to comment or respond to any report we submit to you. This is something that truly sets us apart from other home watch businesses.


Disasters Happen

Each year, countless numbers of seasonal residents return to disasters because they have hired an unqualified, non-credentialed, provider, or do not have a provider at all. Our services are the difference between damage and disaster. It is not a matter of IF something happens, it is a matter of WHEN

Here are some obvious signs that a home watch business may not be true professionals:

  • They claim to have a Home Watch License
    No such license exists in the state of Florida. They may have a Business Tax Receipt, which was once called an Occupational License. It even states: “This document is a business tax receipt only. This is NOT certification that the licensee is qualified. “
  • They offer “monthly” home visits or watch “the frequency of the client’s choosing”
    True Home Watch Professionals know that anything less than the bi-monthly visit gives the homeowner a false sense of security. If the pipe breaks, the AC quits, there is a leak in the roof etc.. imagine what can happen over the course of weeks..even days !! With True Home Watch Professionals, most single family homes are visited on a weekly basis.
  • They offer prices that may be too good to be true
    Home watch does not cost $ 10, $ 15, even $ 20. Do you trust the company to do a professional and thorough job checking over your home, your most valuable asset, for prices less than a meal through the drive thru window?

True Home Watch Professionals is part of the YHWP Affiliate Program and we partake in marketing, ongoing professional training and knowledge-based testing. We are properly insured, bonded and have passed a background check. We have resources to handle any situation. This is our vocation, it is not a hobby. Check out the affiliate program at

If you hire someone, not properly trained or credentialed, it is at your own risk.

Do not make that mistake; we would be honored to watch over your home here in our Paradise, Naples, FL and allow you to have the peace of mind you deserve while away.

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